Pearls, Pearls, Pearls!

So, confession time – this heatwave might be my fault.

See when I posted all those blue earrings I wrote up those descriptions like we might be having a typical British summer – one day of blue sky then back to watching the rain.

Erm. About that…

So I’ve played it a little safer this time – this update is all pearls, all day long. Pearls with purple garnet, pearls with amber, pearls all by themselves.

White pearl and cognac amber on a background of playing cards
These ones are my favourite – the amber just glows and I want to hang them in the window and just watch the light on them.

I’d never paid that much attention to amber until I got my first strand of Baltic cognac to play with. And this morning the postman brought me some Baltic cherry, so I’m in love again. Watch this space!


I’m Blue, Da-Ba-Dee Da-Bah-Die…

I’ve had that song stuck in my head since I got this lot together to photograph, and so now I’m going to share it with you!

Realised I had quite a few blue pairs of earrings waiting to be put up for sale, so I figured I’d do them all in one day. (I checked for the next blue moon but that’s January 31st, 2018. Little bit long to wait.)

There’s blue Swarovski, lapis lazuli, and blue sapphire all ready and waiting for new homes.

Blue sapphire cluster earrings in a black and white gift box

Blue sapphire and sterling silver cluster earrings, £42.00 including international shipping.

I think the next update is going to be a run of pearls, since we’re coming up for June – I’ll keep you posted.

That would probably be a bit cheeky.

Just had my last delivery of jewellery components in a while and spent yesterday afternoon logging every individual strand into my spreadsheet, so I have all the information handy later. Very useful but at the time my eyes were crossing!

Working on getting another batch of earrings up in the store – finally going to be listing the earrings I have in my icon. 10mm green pearls.

Green pearl earrings laid on playing cards on black marble

I kind of want to put these on their own tagged #BloodyBigPeals and just leave them stand on their own! Not quite sure that would stick on Etsy, but still.

Now I just need to make myself get things up and listed before I dive into all the things I catalogued yesterday – there’s a set of coin pearls that are calling my name, and a bag of lapis lazuli cabochons, and, and…

Vintage Fair Weekend

Lou Lou’s Vintage Fair was in town this weekend so I went for a nosy around – they have an interesting mix of genuine vintage items and modern vintage style, and this time they had the vocal group Timeless in full 40s get-up.

I promised myself I’d be ruthless about what I bought – nothing just “because it’s so pretty”. But a stall that I think was called Vintage Lady had a biscuit tin full of necklaces and I pulled out two Mureno strands. Well. I pulled out one, dithered, bought it, did another lap of the room, then came back for the second.

A hand holding two multi-coloured strands of beads

I had to. The multi-coloured one is *huge* – 87 beads in total, plus the tiny spacers. The colour mix is uneven so I’ve separated out the blue to put with some copper for a bracelet and we’ll see about the rest. The turquoise-looking is a really unusual shape and I’m looking forward to playing with those as individual bits.

Catch Of The Day

I’ve had this set of labradorite cabochons sitting around for ages – they were too beautiful not to bring home, but I wasn’t sure what to do with them. Decided to sit down with Netflix and a reel of wire and get netting.

A few episodes of Doctor Who later…

Started out with a traditional teardrop shape, a sea greenish one with peacock flashes – 3cm long, nice and compact.

Ocean green Labradorite drop wrapped in wire

This next one I ended up finishing during the episode “Midnight” – the creepy train. And it’s definitely got a little spooky going on – looks like the forest at night, or a midnight storm. 4cm this time, and I thought I’d see how the drop looked upside down – I like the result.

Stormy blue Labradorite drop wrapped in wire

Then… I got a bit ambitious. None of the stones in this selection were particularly small, but I fished out…. this:

Big Labradorite wrapped in wire

5cm from the top of the stone to the point, 3.5cm across the broadest part, weighing in at 27grams once I wrapped it.

Here’s a comparison with the midnight stone:

Labradoriate Size Comparison

I’m thinking this might be a “hang it on the wall” decoration piece rather than a necklace – it’s a little on the hefty side!

I’m waiting for a set of black window druzy that will be getting all wrapped up the second it arrives.


A pair of green and silver earrings in a white box on a black marble background

Hi, and welcome to the blog. My name’s Jack, I’m a British jewellery maker just setting up shop online. This blog is going to be a mixture of finished pieces I’m putting up on Etsy, works in progress, and any shiny things that catch my eye.

When I was getting started I was looking for a shop name and complained that I couldn’t just say “Oi, I’ve got shiny things!” A friend said “why not?”, and Oi, Shiny! was born.

The earrings above are chrome diopside rounds on sterling silver chain. A couple of months ago I didn’t know what chrome diopside was – now I have a couple of different sizes of beads and I want to hang it on everything. I think it’s the Slytherin green!

When I’m not making jewellery or shopping for new stones I’m knitting, watching horror films, or working on learning British Sign Language.