Jewellery With A Function

You know when you’re making something and you catch yourself just playing with it over and over? That’s where I was with these. Get the beads in the exact right place when you’re wrapping them and you can just sit and spin them forever.

Silver wire wave fidget pendant in red mookaite on wood background
Silver wave fidget pendant necklace in red mookaite

On the one hand, they’re just pretty. I’m pretty sure I’m going to end up making them in every colour of wire I can get my hands on, with every type and shade of 4mm round stones that I own.

On the other, they’re incredibly satisfying to sit and fidget or fiddle with, and as soon as I tweeted about them people mentioned stimming. I’ll be up front – I’m not autistic, my information comes second hand from friends. And I did hesitate about writing all this in case it wasn’t my place, I really don’t want to tread on toes. But I do know what it’s like using assistive devices – and I’ve got Opinions.

If you’ve met me in real life you know I use a cane. I actually use many canes. There’s the folding one for putting in my gym locker, the dark red one that goes with my good suit, the light brown that goes with everything (it’s the straightlegged jeans of canes). I’ve had a blue one that people said brought out my eyes, and a green one that sadly bit the dust at a Billy Talent gig.

Point being, I’m a big believer that assistive tech and devices should match *people*. You wouldn’t expect everyone to wear the same pair of shoes because “they’re fine, they do the job”. Some people are going to want heavy duty boots, some people like delicate sandals, low heels, high heels, buckles, laces. Or all of the above depending on outfit and mood. I happen to feel the same about other things in life.

So, the end result was 6 different pendants, all strung on adjustable leather cord. There’s red mookaite, light amethyst, aquamarine, green fancy jasper, turquoise, and purple garnet.

I’m really happy with how they turned out, and I hope you like them too.

Silver wire wave pendant with turquoise in a green box


Pick N Mix

Last update was all the tiny pieces, this week is a mix, little and large. And shockingly, no labradorite this time!

Frosted icy clear quartz drop gemstone cabochon wire wrapped silver plated wire pendant
This one might be my favourite of the week – icy clear quartz drop in silver wire.

Irregular beach stone cabochon wire wrapped gold wire pendant
This one’s a little unusual – beach stone wrapped in gold wire. Picked it up during the heat wave earlier this year.

Southampton’s Pride event is tomorrow, so I’m hoping to get some very colourful inspiration there.

Now excuse me, I need to go wrap some labradorite before I get withdrawal symptoms.

Tiny Shiny

OK, not that tiny, but after the size of those last cabochons these ones certainly feel pretty damn dainty.

We won’t talk about how many times I got distracted photographing the labradorite. I’d move it a little, “Oo, new colour!” Go to pick it up and move onto the next stone “Oo, new colour!” Put it down, move onto the next one, and then… yeah. I may have a bit of a labradorite problem.

But can you blame me?
Labradorite kite silver wire wrapped pendant
Labradorite wrapped with silver-plated copper wire, up on Etsy here.

It isn’t all labradorite though, I swear. Three each of labradorite, black spinel, and amethyst.

Purple amethyst drop silver wire wrapped pendant
This one is my favourite of the amethyst – I’m doing a little experimenting with size/shape of bails, style of the spirals, all of that, so they’re all a little different. This one on Etsy here.

Living up to the shiny

Last post I showed off some tiny pendants – they’re going to be up soon, unfortunately I caught the cold from hell and I’ve been sat on the sofa looking pitiful and watching Netflix.

And wire-netting.

Might have got a bit carried away with that last bit. I have a lot of cabochons, they looked all sad and lonely sitting in a bag, and… well.

Lapis lazuli oval wrapped in rose gold coloured wire

This one was an experiment in extending the wire netting. Usually I leave it as a frame to show off the stone but this one put me in mind of a Faberge egg. See here on Oi, Shiny!

Labradorite oval wrapped in rose gold coloured wire

This has to be one of my favourites – this stone doesn’t have a single bad angle. The more I work with labradorite the more pictures I want to take because every one is a different set of colours. More pictures here on Etsy.

Labradorite oval wrapped in rose gold coloured wire

Here’s the back of that same stone – different angle, different glow, now with Secret Spirals.

And one last one, just for something different…

Lapis lazuli oval in silver plated wire

In case you need something to match your favourite jeans. See here on Etsy.

Now, three guesses what I’m off to do next…


Most of what I make is one-offs and even if I repeat a design the nature of handmade jewellery and gemstones mean that each one is going to look different.

Combine that with preview pictures of just-finished pieces and I’ve had a few people asking if they can call dibs on items or if it’s possible to have pieces held until payday.

The answer is: Yes!

If you see something you want on Twitter, here, or on Etsy, but need a wait a week or two to buy – get in touch with me. I’m happy to set things aside for a little while. If things aren’t priced up yet, I’m happy to work out and let you know.

And here’s my latest set of just-finished pieces – all pendants this time.
Black spinel, labradorite, and amethyst wire-wrapped pendants
Top row: Black spinel
Middle row: Labradorite
Bottom row: Amethyst

These will all be up on Oi, Shiny! later this week.

Sing, Blue Silver…

I’d apologise for putting that song in everyone’s heads, but it’s been in my head the whole time I was making this set.

I don’t usually do quite so monochromatic but I was playing with all the silver pieces and I really liked how the blue and the black looked with it. So everything in this update is sterling silver with either black spinel or lapis lazuli. Silver knots, silver hearts, silver cascades.

Silver heart and black spinel earrings

And for the first time I have necklaces up!


They’re made to match the earrings, but listed separately.

And now that those are done and listed I’ve dived back into colour. I’ve pulled out my new fancy jasper, my silver has arrived, and I might just spend my birthday tomorrow making cascade earrings.

Three sides to every story…

Blue magnesite and silver triangle earrings

I love these sterling silver triangles but they’re a bugger to get hold of… so of course the second I got my hands on some more, I used them almost all up. I’m holding one pair of triangles in reserve, but the rest…

Four pairs of triangle earrings on black stands
Siam red Swarovski, blue magnesite, black spinel, and garnet – the garnet has already flown out the door, the other three are up and waiting for new homes.

Following feedback I’ve made a change to the Oi, Shiny! shop – item prices now cover standard worldwide shipping, and tracked shipping is an optional upgrade. Prices of existing items have been adjusted to reflect this.