About Me


Hi, I’m Jack. I’m a Yorkshireman living in the South and I’ve been making and creating all my life – everything from knitting for babies to wiring up doll houses and putting up tree houses.

I dabbled in jewellery on and off as a teenager but fell in love the first time I got my hands on real gemstones – it was a single strand of tiny, rough rubies, emeralds, and sapphires but that was it for me. The same way I started altering clothes so me and my mates could have things that fit and suited, my favourite thing about jewellery making is being able to take things from an idea in my mind to a piece that can be worn, exactly the way I imagined it.

And that’s the beauty of handmade jewellery – something unique and individual, something that suits your life and your looks. Maybe that’s earrings in your birthstone, rings in your lucky colours or just something that speaks to you.

The name? Well, I was looking for a shop name, getting frustrated searching for just the right one and I said “Well I can’t just say ‘Oi, I’ve got shiny things, you want some?'” And a friend said “Why not?” So Oi, Shiny! was born. Because that’s what it’s all about, really – shiny, sparkling, eye-catching hand-made jewellery that makes people happy.

Any questions, queries, comments, please drop me a note at OiShinyUK@Gmail.com